Blue Star Elevators

Reliability & Comfort

Blue Belt (PU Coated Steel Belt)

Blue Belt PU Coated Steel BeltBlue Belt is Poly Urethane Coated Steel Belts. These Belts are reinforced with steel wire ropes. It has a very low bending radius and hence allows for a pulley (Sheave) diameter as small as 100mm. Also these belts have smooth contact surface with the pulley, this increases the life of the belt as much as two times as compared to the conventional wire ropes.

These belts are very slim and yet have tensile strength similar to the conventional belts. Also as there is no metal on metal contact there is very low friction and hence the ride quality is highly improved and the noise is reduced to minimum.

Roller Guide Shoe

Roller Guide Shoe Roller Guide shoes are designed to provide superior riding comfort. As compared to the conventional sliding type guide shoe, roller guide shoes are fitted with high quality bearings and hence do not require lubrication of rail guides. For high speed elevators, the roller Guides are fitted with springs which reduces vibration. Roller guide shoes also helps in reducing the noise during travel.

Infra-Red Safety Sensors for Power Operated Doors

To avoid any body from getting stuck in between the Elevator doors during the closing, every elevator with power operated doors is equipped with infra-red safety sensors; these safety sensors cover the entire door height of 2000mm. These safety sensors are equipped with cross infra-red beams so as to detect every little obstruction that comes in the way of a closing door.

Power operated doors for premium elevators are equipped with 3D door sensors which can detect a person within proximity of the elevator and this enable the doors to stay open for that person to enter the elevator.

Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning unit may be fixed to provide better travel comfort for the passengers in the elevator. This unit keeps the elevator cabin cool and also eliminates the noise caused by fan in the elevator cabin.