Blue Star Elevators

Grace Series

Grace Series of Elevators is introduced to cater to the Vertical Travel Needs of the Low and Mid Rise Buildings. The Elevators in this series are built to reduce Passenger Waiting Time, Increase efficiency, provide better traveling experience.

The Grace series is equipped with technology that meets and exceeds expectations for Low and Mid Rise Buildings; also it comes with plenty of Features and options both for the interiors as well as for the various fixtures which results in improved performance, aesthetics and traveling Comfort. This Series come equipped with Blue Eye, Remote Monitoring Software which helps us provide you best service.

Suitable for

Height : Upto 45M (G+15)

Travel Speeds : 1.00 Mps / 1.50 Mps

Carrying Capacity : Upto 1800 Kgs / 26 persons


We use precision made geared traction machines to serve the High Speed lifts. These machines uses AC induction Motor and Worm Wheel Reduction Gear Box. These Machines are made for Long life and durability. The High Quality Lubricant used to increase the Life of the Machine.

With Blue Eye, Remote monitoring system in place we can monitor the activities of the elevators. This system allows us to provide you prompt service.

The Full Collective Control Panel uses logic to collect the Passenger while travelling in both the directions thereby reducing power consumption and waiting time. The Controller along with VVVF Drives reduces power consumption and also saves time.

The Regenerative drive generates energy instead of heating the braking resistor during the slowing and the stopping of the Elevator. This unit makes clean power with very low harmonic distortion. This Power can be used by other elevators or electrical equipment. Thus resulting in energy saving of upto 50%.

The Doors in this Elevator are Power Operated. For Passenger safety, Doors are fitted with Full length Infrared sensors to prevent any person from getting stuck between the doors of the Elevator. With this sensor the Doors return to open position when it senses any obstruction.

The VVVF Drive used in the Elevator Results in Smooth Start and Smooth Stop of the Elevator ensuring comfortable feeling. This drive also helps reduce power consumption upto 30% and also increases the life of the Equipment.

Auto Rescue System

Auto Rescue Device brings the Passengers to the nearest landing in case of power failure, this makes sure that no passenger is stuck in the lift in the event of power failure. ARD is a standard feature in this Series of Elevator.

Overload Indicator

The overload indicator in the Elevator warns the passenger in case the lift has been overloaded. This system works together with the Controller to prevent lift equipment by indicating that the lift has been overloaded and will not take any calls unless the payload is within the capacity of the Elevator.

Modern Fittings

This Series of Elevator is fitted with Flat Panel LED lights in the Cabin, Modern Push Buttons, Scrolling Dot Matrix Led indicator for Direction, Seven Segment display for Position Indicators.