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Passenger Elevator

We manufacture all types Passenger Elevators including Manual Doors, Power Operated Doors, Capsule Elevators, etc. All the Elevators are manufactured keeping in mind the Safety, Speed and Comfort. Read More

Home Elevator

Blue Star Elevators Home Elevator is a Simple yet a very effective Vertical Transportation solution for your Row House, Bungalow, Villa, Duplex Apartment or Pent House. Read More

Stretcher Elevator

Hospital and Medical service Industry involves critical life saving activities which includes carrying patients to different floors for various reasons. For such critical application, we provide you with robustly designed elevator which can accommodate a standard hospital Bed (Stretcher). Read More

Car Elevator

Automobile Elevators are the Best Method to Transfer Vehicles from Floor to Floor.
This is the most popular type for car lifting requirements especially for architectural projects where car parking has been designed within the basement floors of the buildings or Above the Street Level. Read More

Goods Elevator

Mighty Series of Elevators is introduced to cater to the Vertical Travel Needs of the Goods in various Industries. The Elevators in this series are built to provide robust Vertical transport, energy efficiency, faster travel and higher uptime. These Lifts may be used to carry Various type of Material like Raw material or Finished Goods in Various types of Environments. We can Provide Lifts for safe as well as for Hazardous areas where Flame Proof Elevators are required. Read More

Dumb Waiter

Dumbwaiters Carry food and plates from Kitchen to Room, kitchen to kitchen or from kitchen to the place of serving.
The cabin and the doors of all the dumbwaiters are manufactured using Stainless Steel. The vertical bi-parting doors are well suited to optimize the space utilization.
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Elevators, Lifts Solution Provider

Welcome to
Blue Star Elevators

Blue Star Elevators was founded in 1995 with a Vision to Provide Best Solutions for the Indian Vertical Transportation Needs. Since then we have installed and Maintained lifts all over India and also exported to Russia, Middle East and Africa

We are well established in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Our Clientele Include leading Builders,

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Timely Maintenance of the Elevator is very important to keep the elevator in good condition.

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